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Chef's Special Media Package £795/month

An aggressive, multi-sensory marketing strategy for restaurants committed to showcasing their culinary journey in-depth, achieving broader engagement, and spicing up their digital footprint.

      • Frequent Engagements: Enjoy 3 impeccably shot photographs and 2 immersive videos every week, ensuring your audience is always craving more.

      • TikTok Management: Dive into the world of quick bites and rapid engagements. With TikTok’s growing popularity, showcase snappy video content that instantly connects with a younger, food-loving audience.

      • Premium Content Creation: Our seasoned team will not just capture images but encapsulate experiences, ensuring your restaurant’s essence is the star of every post.

      • Scheduled Posting & More: With optimised timings for maximum engagement, we’ll also incorporate trending hashtags, geo-tags, and more to enhance visibility.

      • Dedicated Account Manager: Enjoy the luxury of a dedicated partner, ensuring swift communication, content alignment with ongoing promotions, and immediate addressal of feedback or changes.


      • Visual Storytelling: Our photography and videography not only display dishes but tell stories, encapsulating the ambiance, the culinary process, and the joy of savouring.

      • Increased Footfall: Visually appealing content can be the difference between a potential customer choosing your restaurant over competitors.

      • Branding: Consistent, high-quality posts solidify your restaurant’s image as premium and dedicated to quality.

      • Reach Younger Audiences: Especially with the Chef’s Special package’s TikTok management, tap into a younger, dynamic audience ready to explore new culinary delights.

Case Study

The presented material is a case study outlining the progress of a new client’s Instagram account after engaging our services for Instagram marketing and management in mid-October. The data displayed in the screenshot demonstrates the significant success achieved by our specialist team in a relatively short period. Our efforts have resulted in exceptional growth and engagement on the client’s Instagram page, which is indicative of the effectiveness of our marketing strategies and management techniques. This case study highlights our commitment to delivering results-driven services to our clients and our expertise in the field of social media marketing.

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